Atlantis Books


What will my finished book look like?
You have a choice of paper back or hardback, and you can also choose whether you do a chapter book, picture book or board book.

Do I need to supply my own illustrations?
Atlantis Books can recommend illustrators, on request, to suit the style of your book and they are to be paid directly by you. The illustrator's costs are not included in our package.

Can you help me distribute my book?
We do have mainstream distributors Australia-wide and we will send them a copy of your book. It is then up to the distributor whether they choose to distribute each book on an individual basis.

How long will it take to print my book?
Average timeline is around 6 months from sending up the first draft to receiving your printed books.

Where will my books be sent after they are printed?
Printed books are delivered to a single address which is advised by you and they are to be stored by you.

Will my book be proofread by a professional editor?
Absolutely, editing is provided as part of all of our packages.

Who will design my front cover?
Front cover design is included in each package and will be done by our own professional graphic designer.

When do I need to pay?
When you send up your manuscript you need to pay 5o% deposit upfront and the remainder is due when you sign off the final printing proof.

Will you change my manuscript?
Changes are made to your manuscript at our editor's discretion and you will have the opportunity to approve these changes.